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REALTORS® Political Involvement Committee


The REALTORS® Political Involvement Committee (RPIC) shall serve as a vehicle to effectively present to the political arena the views, aims, and positions of the Georgia Association and to arrange for personal liaison with elected and bureaucratic officials to quickly assure the greatest possible impact upon those political figures who have a voice and/or vote to influence or determine political actions affecting the real estate industry.


Number on Committee: Fifteen Coordinators
Chairperson: Appointed by the President
Makeup: Fifteen Federal Political Coordinators and One alternate for each Coordinator. Each of the Federal Political Coordinators shall recommend an alternate coordinator each year to assist the FPC in his/her duties and as a vehicle for the committee to view the work of future district coordinators. The President-Elect shall appoint the alternate for the following year. The alternate shall be assigned functions by the FPC and shall report to the FPC on a regular basis and to the committee at their regular meetings when called upon by the Chairman. The alternate should attend and participate in any and all regular and special meetings of the committee, but shall have voting privileges only in the absence of the FPC.

Term: Two years for Coordinators, or until the end of the Term of Congress in which they are appointed; One year for Alternates

Limits: No member may serve more than six consecutive years, except in special circumstances; the President may extend these terms with the approval of the Executive Committee

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