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Professional Standards
Purpose: The Professional Standards Committee shall oversee the Statewide Professional Standards Program and shall conduct hearings in matters of alleged unethical conduct of, and disputes involving, REALTOR® Board Members. (Note: The Georgia Association of REALTORS® Professional Standards Committee is established by the National Association of REALTORS® Code of Ethics and Arbitration Manual and all of its functions are governed therein.)


Number on Committee: Eighteen

Chair: Appointed by the President

Vice Chair: Appointed by the President-Elect

Makeup: Sixteen At-Large members including at least one member from each Region. The President, President-Elect and Vice President of Administration and Finance are ex-officio members.

Restrictions: Except for those members who serve by virtue of office, no more than two members may be from the same primary Member Board

Except for those members who serve by virtue of office, no more than four members may be from the same Region

To be eligible to serve as a voting member of the Georgia Association of REALTORS® Professional Standards Committee, a member must be an active REALTOR® for a minimum of four years. You must have served on the Statewide Grievance Panel or Professional Standards Panel or you must have served at a local board/association level on the Grievance or Professional Standards Committee

Option #1 – Members are required to have a signed GAR Confidentiality and Non-Disclosure and Policy Agreement on file with the staff liaison prior to any participation with the committee.

Option #2 – Based on the nature of the material to be reviewed and/or discussed, members may be required to sign a GAR Conflict of Interest Disclosure Policy and Agreement for a specific discussion item. (RATIONALE: Since conflicts are not always known in advance and are very situational, disclosure needs to be announced at the time the member or committee becomes aware of the conflict).

Term: Two years (staggered)
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