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Global Alliance
Purpose: The Global Alliance Forum shall develop relationships and promote unity between International Practicing Real Estate groups in Georgia as well as Georgia Government agencies’ that promote the influx of capital, tourism dollars, and usage of real estate and real estate acquisitions.

Chair: Appointed by the President
Vice Chair: Appointed by the President-Elect
Term: One year for the Chair, One year for the Vice Chair

Reporting: Vice President of Professional Development, Executive Committee, Board of Directors

Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Shall set agenda and format of Global Alliance Forum to be held at the Inaugural and Legislative Conference and the Annual Conference and Expo
  • Shall coordinate the Georgia Association of REALTORS® activities to increase interaction with the real estate professionals, the Georgia Association of REALTORS® membership and other International organizations governmental and non-governmental agencies’ that serve Georgia
  • Shall encourage the adoption and implementation of securing a path to membership in the Georgia Association of REALTORS® to other cultural diverse real estate professional groups
  • Shall not seek partnership funding from the Partnership Committee or any Partner of the Georgia Association of REALTORS®
  • All requests for funds are to be channeled through the Finance Committee for inclusion in its report to the Executive Committee as to the budgeting impact of such funds requests
  • Shall perform such other duties as directed by the Board of Directors, the Executive Committee or the President
  • The Global Alliance Forum is not a policy-making body; however, recommendations and concerns shall be forwarded to the appropriate GAR Committee(s)
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