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Seminar Descriptions & Dates
Leadership Overview*
February 7, 2016 ~ Hyatt Regency Atlanta
Nationally-renowned facilitator Adorna Carroll will guide the team through the following topics: qualities of a leader, team building, goal setting, time management, the three-way agreement, governing documents, sources of information, liability insurance, and creative thinking. We will also have lunch and an hour-long orientation with the 2016 GAR Leadership Team.

Inaugural & legislative Conference & Expo

February 8-11 ~ Hyatt Regency Atlanta & Georgia Capitol Building
NOTE: Conference registration required
Find out what goes on under the Gold Dome! Attend GAR’s Inaugural & Legislative Conference & Expo and learn about legislative matters and upcoming real estate trends. Sit in on a variety of classes customized by topic - technology, legal, leadership, and more.

Parliamentary Procedures & Body Language*
May 5 ~ GAR Headquarters

Learn how the association is governed by an examination of Robert’s Rules of Order, meeting management, agendas, and minutes with instructor Dennis Conway. In the second half of the day, Patti Wood will lead you through an exciting three hours devoted to how we communicate through our body language.

Georgia REALTORS® Annual Conference & Expo
September 7-10 ~ Destin, Florida
NOTE: Conference registration required
Join your fellow REALTORS® for a week of education, networking and fun!

Not-for-Profit Finances, Legislative Matters & Media Relations*
October 13 ~ GAR Headquarters
The morning session will take you through the proper channels for understanding financial statements. Next, John Barbour, GAR’s Director of Governmental Affairs, will educate you about GAR’s role in influencing policy matters and the laws regarding real estate and private property rights. Finally, Brandie Miner, GAR’s Director of Communications and Marketing, will deliver tips on working with the media.

Public Speaking*
November 10 ~ GAR Headquarters
Complete your Leadership Training with this course on public speaking. Instructor Rich Hart will explain and demonstrate techniques and tips that will help you be a more polished and confident speaker, whether you’re speaking to a crowd of 15 or 150.

*Included in tuition
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