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Law & Ethics

Looking for information on procuring cause, fair housing or mortgage fraud? These are just a few topics that we feature in our Legal Article archive. Please click on the Legal Article Archive menu item to view articles on a variety of legal topics written by GAR general counsel Seth Weissman.

Do you have basic legal questions regarding contracts, agency, legal terms, state or federal law? Click on our Legal FAQs menu item for a quick answer to common legal questions. Or check out our Legal Helpline to get an answer within 24 hours to your question regarding license law, contract forms, ethics, and arbitration.

Please visit this page for updates on professional courtesy, the Code of Ethics and many more topics that help you make the right legal, ethical and professional decisions in your day-to-day business.

Click a topic below to learn more.
  • Code of Ethics

  • Contract Forms

  • Statewide Professional Standards

  • Legal FAQs

  • Legal Article Archives

  • Other Law/Ethics Topics

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