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Keynote Speaker

Drew Dudley - Creating Cultures of Leadership and the Power of “Lollipop Moments”

“How many of you are completely comfortable with calling yourself a leader?”

What would happen if you asked that at your next team meeting? What percentage of hands do you think would be raised? Leadership speaker Drew Dudley has asked that question to hundreds of thousands of people around the world, and he’s yet to find an organization where the majority of employees are willing to call themselves leaders. That’s a problem—and this keynote aims to help solve it.

We often evaluate leadership over periods of time: a fiscal quarter, a year, even an entire career. Dudley argues that the most impactful leaders and the most successful organizations evaluate leadership differently. They focus on “everyday leadership” and ensure that it’s fostered, acknowledged, and rewarded. To Dudley, this means creating a process to create more “lollipop moments.” Don’t be fooled by the name; “lollipop moments” represent moments of powerful impact and growth, and can be transformative at every level of an organization.

A born storyteller with infectious energy, Dudley shares practical insights on how successful leaders create cultures of leadership in their own lives and within their organizations. Featuring examples that originate everywhere from small-town Canada to the deserts of Qatar, and characters who range from janitors to CEOs, this presentation will make you laugh, think, and reconsider the ways you evaluate leadership in your life and workplace.


About Drew:

Funny, fast-talking Drew Dudley is the king of all inspirational speakers. As a teacher, a growth expert and a speaker, he has a gift for seeing the world as it is and presenting it to you in ways you’ve never thought about before. Drawing on his wealth of experiences, as well as his vast knowledge of leadership and teambuilding techniques, Drew coaches his audiences on how to look for moments of inspiration and aspiration—fostering them into something truly special. By paying attention to the influence you have on the lives of those around you, you can leverage moments of change to make a real difference and overcome any obstacle. Everyone is a leader, and Drew’s talks will leave you feeling energized, motivated, and ready to make the most of everyday leadership.

Breakout Sessions and Instructors

Tommy Choi
  Tommy Choi co-founded the Weinberg Choi Residential team in 2007 with his business partner Josh Weinberg. They celebrated the opening of their own Keller Williams Market Center in January of 2017. Since that time, the Weinberg Choi Residential team has sold over 800 properties, and has posted over $300 million dollars in sales volume. They are consistently ranked in the top 25 Real Estate teams in Chicago, which puts them in the Top 1% of Chicago Association of REALTORS®' top producers. Tommy also currently serves at the President-Elect of the Chicago Association of REALTORS® and will become the 135th president of CAR and the first Korean-American president in the Association's 135-year history. He also serves as an active member of the Illinois REALTORS®, and is National Associations of REALTORS®’ YPN Advisory Board Co-Chair. 

Shay Hata 
  Shay Hata is a residential REALTOR® based in Chicago who has been in real estate for four years. Her first year in the business she only closed one transaction for $130,000. Now she personally closes over 75 transactions a year and over $25M in annual volume with the assistance of two administrators. Last year she brought on her first buyer's agent and together they will close over $30M in business this year. Prior to real estate, she owned an art business for kids in Minnesota, executed marketing and communications for Fortune 500 companies, and planned educational programs for PricewaterhouseCoopers. Shay lives in Chicago with her husband, Nobu Hata, who is the Director of Member Engagement for the National Association of REALTORS®, her two-year-old son and two crazy dogs. 

Patti Wood
  Body language expert and author Patti Wood has helped people around the world learn to read and use the secrets of body language for personal and business success. She has consulted on murder cases, taught interviews and interrogation techniques to all branches of law enforcement, coached CEOs, negotiators and sales forces. Her clients include AT&T, Hewlett Packard, Proctor &  Gamble, Kroger, UPS, Porsche, Coca-Cola, as well as hundreds of associations and businesses like yours. You see her "reads" of world leaders, celebrities and murder suspects in national and international media every week and on the Today Show, Good Morning America, CNN, FOX News, Entertainment Tonight, Dr. Drew, The History Channel, Inside Edition, Showbiz Tonight, The Discovery Channel, Steve Harvey, The Talk, and more. 

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