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2017 Annual Conference CE Session Descriptions

Your Safety is Non-Negotiable: The Beverly Carter Story

Instructor: Carl Carter

Carl Carter, son of Beverly Carter, delivers a powerful presentation on REALTOR® safety that only someone with his background and experience could deliver. His presentation is an impactful combination of harrowing details involving his mother’s story and practical industry anecdotes and takeaways. Carl’s mission is to take his mother’s experience and use it as inspiration to make positive changes in agents’ lives and business. 


Video Intervention

Instructor: Philip Becker

In today’s digital age marketing is constantly evolving, especially in the world of real estate. Dramatic change in the way consumers get their information and how they get it is the fuel that drives the evolution. This course will empower you to effectively utilize video marketing techniques that reach consumers more effectively and create a better consumer experience. You will learn how to assert yourself as hyper-local experts, add value and provide insight in communities and neighborhoods that big data simply cannot. The main objective: learn to use the technology that defines the agent of the future and simplifies the life of the consumer.


The Brokerage of Today

Instructor: Philip Becker

This 90-minute session will discuss opportunities for brokers and teams to create the environment that attracts and retains today’s top-producing agent. We will talk tech, agent offerings, office structure, office design, staff, marketing, community involvement, events and more. Philip will take students through his journey in on-boarding the next generation of successful REALTORS®, including how he’s attracted them, created opportunity for them, leveraged them, and retained them.


Secrets of Blue Jean Millionaire Real Estate Investors

Instructor: Sher Powers
Attend this session to learn how to help your clients become “blue jean millionaire” investors – and how to become one yourself!


Life Mapping for Real Estate Investing

Instructor: Sher Powers

This session – a follow-up to the “Secrets of Blue Jean Millionaire Real Estate Investors” - is a workshop in which attendees will have hands-on practice for establishing measurable goals for themselves and their clients.


Creating a Powerful Niche Reputation for Solo Agents and Micro-Firms 

Instructor: Sher Powers
You’re not a team…and you don’t want to be. Attend this session to learn how to build your reputation as a solo practitioner or a small business.

Working with the Connected Buyer and Seller

Instructor: Nobu Hata

Technology and constant access to information has shaped the way consumers deal with real estate and the value they see in REALTORS®.  Learn consumer trends and how to help buyers and sellers of today and tomorrow navigate the online world of real estate, compel them offline, and learn the new value proposition of REALTORS®.


Emerging Real Estate Trends, Emerging REALTOR® Value

Instructor: Nobu Hata

Join NAR’s Director of Digital Engagement to explore real estate trends that are on the horizon, and how REALTORS® should prepare to communicate their value proposition to consumers through these changes. 

Advertising, Social Media and the Agent

Instructor: Melanie McLane

Attend this course to explore what state license law and the REALTOR® Code of Ethics require from an agent when advertising a property. We will cover the proper way to advertise on various platforms - from webpages to newspapers and beyond.  We’ll review HUD guidelines, Regulation Z, Article 12 “Present a True Picture,” and discuss how Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and blogs are a form of advertising.


What’s it Worth (Part 1)

 Instructor: Melanie McLane

REALTORS® cannot effectively value real estate without understanding valuation principles. In this session, you will learn fundamental valuation principles, such as substitution, supply and demand, increasing and decreasing returns, as well as the different types of value, including market, liquidation, retrospective, and replacement cost. We will also review the three approaches to value and how they are used. 


What’s it Worth (Part 2)

 Instructor: Melanie McLane

In this session, we ‘drill deeper’ into the market approach to value, which is the approach most commonly used by residential agents to price property. We will discuss the principle of “cost ≠ value”, absorption rates, selecting comparables, adjusting comparables, and coming up with a range of value. We also review marketing time and exposure time, as well as pricing in terms of time for both sellers and buyers.



So You Think You Want to Be a Commercial REALTOR®?

Instructor: Linda Olson

This course - offered in two parts - is designed for today’s busy residential REALTOR®, who may have an interest in expanding their services to include commercial real estate, as well as new commercial agents just getting their feet wet.  This program will acquaint you with the fundamentals of the specialty, including the definition of commercial real estate; the categories of properties considered to be commercial and types of transactions; key differences between residential and non-residential real estate, including the identification of the “players”; and the agreements used in commercial transactions.  The overall goal of the course is to better equip you to decide if this is a specialty you want to pursue.


Your Agents are Saying the Darndest Things: How are you Keeping your Firm Legal?

Instructor: Seth Weissman

Brokers should attend this session to learn answers to the hardest and most frequently asked questions from the GAR Legal Helpline. Learn the steps you need to take in order to keep your agents trained from making these same mistakes and ensure that you are keeping yourself and your firm legal.

REALTORS® Say the Darndest Things: The Best of the GAR Legal Helpline

Instructor: Seth Weissman

In this session, GAR general counsel Seth Weissman will review some of the hardest and most interesting questions REALTORS® have asked since the inception of GAR’s Legal Helpline. This session presents a great opportunity to learn what your colleagues are asking about via the Legal Helpline and to get answers to some of the most difficult questions that are posed frequently.


Building a Winning Team (Part 1)  
Instructor: Craig Wilburn
In part one of “Building a Winning Team”, Keller Williams/Team Dynamo President and CEO, Craig Wilburn, will guide attendees through a foundational understanding of Real Estate Teams, the value they offer, and the questions to ask to determine if this model is right for you.  The session will lay out the basics knowledge and principles needed to start a team that has a future with no limits or boundaries.


Building a Winning Team (Part 2)  
Instructor: Craig Wilburn
In session two of “Building a Winning Team”, advanced key concepts covered will help the smallest real estate team to become a business with endless possibilities.  The session will focus on the importance of developing and maintaining a healthy team culture and how to identify, hire, onboard and retain “team talent”.


The Steps to a Successful Buyer Specialist Presentation
Instructor: Craig Wilburn
“The Steps to a Successful Buyer Specialist Presentation” session led by Keller Williams/Team Dynamo President and CEO, Craig Wilburn will cover the basic steps to converting potential buyers to clients through the buyer consult process.  The session will cover the importance of the buyer consult, and the elements involved in the compiling the perfect buyer’s presentation packet. Attendees will leave with all the tools necessary to implement these ideas and materials for their own business. 



EVALUATION - Thursday, 1:45 PM
EVALUATION - Thursday, 1:45 PM
EVALUATION - Friday, 10:15 AM
EVALUATION - Wednesday, 10:45 AM

Designation & Certification Courses

CIPS Global Real Estate: Local Markets*(prerequisite introductory course to the CIPS international real estate courses)
Tuesday, September 5
8:30 am – 5:30 pm
Additional registration fee

Sponsored by GAR's Equal Opportunity / Cultural Diversity Committee and Global Alliance  - The Global Kaleidoscope: The Cultural Galaxy Beyond the Borders of Diversity - Times have changed, people have changed, and how we see and conduct our business will forever change… so why did you remain the same? Resources, technologies, and the personal views have deepened our senses, but we remain clouded by perceptions and a personal agenda that pushes us farther away from a global truth. The opportunity of adding a global component to our business structure may seem too complex due to the changing times. Still, people come to the United States to experience the true wonders of the American Dream, only to find that no one can guide their pathway to homeownership. The world continues to evolve – where do you begin? This is where skills, knowledge, tools and techniques align for an international real estate professional to those who need your guidance. This session will expand your “cultural galaxy.” Welcome to the world of global real estate… the journey has just begun.


CRS: Turning New Homes into Ongoing Revenue*
Tuesday, September 5
8:30 am – 5:30 pm

Additional registration fee
Today's housing market is plagued by low inventory. The solution? Add more homes. Builders and developers will be filling the void. If they haven't already, agents are likely to encounter new residential construction in their local markets in one form or another, making now the time to master the new homes segment, foster relationships with builders and developers, and lay the pipework to cash in on these new revenue streams. This course takes agents through the core components of working as a real estate agent in new construction: collaborating with builders and developers, finding the land and brokering the deal, researching and planning the product, marketing and showing the homes at varying stages of completion, and farming the community to capture re-sale opportunities. Take this course and learn how to turn new home communities into continuous profit centers for your business! 


RSPS Certification Course: Home Sweet (Second) Home: Vacation, Investment, Luxury Properties* 
Thursday, September 7
2:00 – 5:00 pm
Friday, September 8
9:00 am – 12:00 pm

Additional registration fee
Sponsored by GAR's GRI Board of Governors - Over 1/3 of all home sales are either vacation or investment properties. Demonstrate that you have the skills and knowledge needed to be the resource for these transactions by earning NAR’s RSPS (Resort and Second-Home Property Specialist) Certification. This one-day course from NAR is designed to teach the essentials of buying, selling, and managing resort properties and second homes for recreation, investment and development. Help clients evaluate and select the type of property, form of ownership, and financing options. Identify strategies for building a rental business or assessing the investment value of a property. Understand the IRS guidelines for tax treatment of second-home vacation and investment properties. Use market statistics and trends to develop a business plan.

*Approved for GRI required elective credits. Click here for information on how to earn your GRI Designation. 

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