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Online Course Offerings

Please be sure to read the Georgia Association of REALTORS® School Policy before continuing. Clicking on any of the links below constitutes acceptance of its terms.


Each NAR Quadrennial, every REALTOR® is required to complete 2 1/2 hours of Code of Ethics training. The current quadrennial period is between January 1, 2013 and December 31, 2016. 

NAR offers a free course to REALTORS®. (Note: No Georgia Continuing Education credit is available for this online course.If you have not satisfied this quadrennial membership requirement and want to take the free, non-CE class online, click here. If you want to take a Code of Ethics class for CE credit, please choose a course through one of our two "Non-Designation Continuing Education Courses" choices further down on this page.

GRI Designation Courses


Online Graduate, REALTOR® Institute courses provided through Computaught:

To earn a GRI designation through the Georgia Association of REALTORS® (GAR), all three GRI courses should be taken through GAR. If you have taken any GRI courses through another state, please contact Chrissy Campbell (, 678-597-4124) before enrolling in any of GAR's GRI courses.

To earn and maintain the GRI designation, you must be a REALTORS®.

Effective for those taking GRI Course One on or after July 1, 2011: To earn the GRI designation, Courses One, Two and Three must completed within a five-year period.

 Non-Designation Continuing Education Courses

These courses do not qualify for sales postlicense credit.



Online Education Courses offered through OnCourse Learning (formerly Cengage/CompuTaught) (free demo):

For Course Information or New Student Registration 

For Existing Students 

For Technical Support 

Online and Downloadable Education Courses offered through RECampus (free demo):

Click here for RECampus Courses 



REALTOR® University

Not all REALTOR® University courses are eligible for Georgia CE credit. Check the CE information for each course. These courses are offered through NAR 

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