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Georgia REALTORS® Strategic Plan

Statements of Vision & Core Purpose

Empower, Engage, and Unite our Members for Success


- Promote & Protect the REALTOR® brand.
- Advocate for private property rights and preservation of free enterprise.
- Elevate professionalism through education & the code of ethics.
- Identify and develop future leaders.

- Provide tools to facilitate productivity & profitability.

- Be accountable to our members.
- Communicate transparently with our members.
- Deliver support through our affiliated charitable foundations.

National Association of REALTORS®
Statements of Vision and Strategic Objectives

NAR is the trusted voice for real estate and an effective business and public policy advocate for its members and the consumers they serve.


1. Shape the future of mortgage financing to ensure a strong and sustainable flow of capital into the mortgage financing market place

2. Create and support a meaningful, long-term relationship between REALTORS® and consumers

3. Be the most comprehensive, reliable, and accessible source of real estate information

4. Improve the competency and professionalism of REALTORS®

5. Strengthen relationships with REALTORS® and within the REALTOR® community

6. Support public policies that advance the real estate industry, protect private property rights and promote sustainable real property ownership housing opportunities and homeownership.

Georgia REALTORS® Strategic Objectives


GUIDING PURPOSE: Georgia REALTORS® are accountable for the absolute adherence to our fiduciary duties.

1. Engage members and local boards/associations by proactively serving as a catalyst for their growth and development.

2. Provide resources for the protection of property rights and free enterprise.

3. Identify and develop future leaders.

4. Enhance member benefits by developing alternative revenue streams.


GUIDING PURPOSE: Georgia REALTORS® influence and impact public policy and legislation for the protection of private property rights, the free enterprise system and the benefit of property ownership.

1. Analyze, author and/or impact proposed legislation and regulations.

2. Maximize REALTOR® investments for the protection of private property rights and free enterprise.

3. Engage members in the grassroots level of the political process.

4. Distribute resources to impact the political process at the state and local level.


GUIDING PURPOSE: Georgia REALTORS® effectively communicate the role of the association in promoting and protecting the rights and benefits of property ownership, free enterprise, and the interest of the real estate industry to our members and the public.

1. Convey vital information and share collective wisdom via events, multi-channel marketing, and digital communications.

2. Deliver essential programs, products, and services utilizing economies of scale to our members.

3. Identify, promote, and communicate the positive aspects of private property ownership to our members and the public.


GUIDING PURPOSE: Georgia REALTORS® challenge and inspire our members to enhance their knowledge, professionalism, integrity, and accountability.

1. Provide current, relevant, and quality educational opportunities to empower the real estate profession.

2. Recruit, develop, and nurture members to serve as dynamic association, community, and civic leaders.

3. Champion the doctrine of the National Association of REALTORS® Code of Ethics and the expectation of exemplary ethical conduct.

Click here to download a PDF of the current Strategic Plan.
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